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November 2020: EHSA President's Message

From Mike Thomas, '67

This is first in a series of English High School Alumni Association electronic newsletters aimed at keeping you informed about alumni news, activities and school events. First, I want to thank all who heard the call for our ‘first-ever’ Alumni Webinar. It far exceeded attendance expectations. There was unanimous positive feedback about hearing that the English High School’s educational mission carries on even today. If you missed it you can replay it on the alumni website. Alumni have told us they want more of these events as exciting and informational as they are.

As many of you already know, we have started our one-year countdown to English High School’s 200th Anniversary event on October 2nd, 2021. Stay tuned for emails and announcements about this historic event. This will be our finest hour in presenting our school’s legacy, and we invite all alumni to attend and participate in our planning process. This event celebrates English High students past and present, staff, accomplished alumni and the Alumni Association. It’s the Association’s challenge to plan and execute to make all proud of being a EHS graduate.

For our 200th, we have garnered a commitment from the Boston political arena to ‘Chair’ the 200th event. This news will be released later next month. This is a huge win for English High School.

Our Social Media plan is also taking hold. We have many impressions being made on our platforms including Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram and Twitter. I encourage you to visit our pages, 'like' our page, ‘comment’ on us and ‘share’ our posting with others. This helps spread the word and helps strengthen the EHS family.

Finally, it is with gratitude our Alumni Board stepped up and delivered a $1000 check to Daniela Depina,1998 graduate, blind from birth. See the full story here. Her family is struggling to pay medical bills after an August hit-and-run driver accident in Dorchester which left the family physically and emotionally damaged. Alumni are still reaching out to EHSA for what folks might be able to do to help. Contact us if you want to support this effort.

To stay updated, please visit our new Alumni website: www.englishhighalumni.org; post

your class notes, update your alumni profile (phones and emails), send in your tribute to "My Favorite Teacher" and check out most of our senior yearbooks are there also.

Take care, stay positive and test negative. Onward!!

Best regards,

Mike Thomas, '67

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