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My Favorite Teacher: Enor Lundin

Updated: Dec 13, 2020

Submitted by: Michael Kalafatas '61

“Favorite” doesn’t of course mean easy. Enor Lundin wasn’t. He was a brilliant mathematician and former US Navy trained navigator--with two degrees from Harvard and a passion for math.

He taught an elective math-rich navigation and meteorology course for seniors. No text; only reprints of documents he had personally prepared across the arc of years. There were only good students in that class—and I was only middling among them. But I loved it. It was the only EHS course that included a chance to build something. I built from wood a model Vernier caliper—a valuable tool for measuring more precisely than does a normal scale.

I was in one of his last classes before his passing away on a day he had publicly delivered in Boston another of his scholarly papers in mathematics. An eloquent obituary written by his students appears in the 1962 yearbook.

This heart-felt Memorial to Mr. Lundin appeared in the 1962 Yearbook

Michael Kalafatas graduated from The English High School in 1961. Today he lives in Wayland, MA. Michael is a member of the English High School 200th Anniversary Celebration Committee.

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