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Hey Boston Latin! Where were Ya?

Updated: Dec 17, 2020

EHSA made the best of a sad situation on Thanksgiving day with a friendly jibe at their rivals Boston Latin. The following image of English Alumni ready to play appeared in EHSA social media feeds.

The article below appeared in the Jamaica Plains Gazette | December 4, 2020

Photo by Patrick O’Connor (EHS ’76)

The oldest high school football rivalry in the nation was about to go away this year without a fight – or at least a good-natured joke. With the English High vs. Boston Latin Thanksgiving football game cancelled due to COVID-19, some daring members of the English High Alumni Association, and some current players and coaches, gathered at Harvard Stadium to call out Latin and have a little fun in such difficult times. The game has been played continuously since 1887. This was the first year it was not held.

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